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What are the dimensions?
The dimensions are 19 7/8” x 11 ½” x 3 ½”

• How much space does the rack add?
The rack adds an additional 228 square inches

•Does your grill rack take up any of the cooking space on the grill grate?

•How do you mount your grill rack?
There is no need for drilling and mounting brackets. This grill rack has legs and just slides in when needed!

•What is your grill rack made of?
Heavy gauge solid stainless steel.

•Should I season my grill rack?
I recommend placing it in your Traeger Junior on high for 30 minutes to burn off any manufacturing residue.

•Is this rack manufactured by Traeger?
No, I am an aftermarket manufacturer.

•Do you make any other grill rack sizes?
No, this is the only size I make.

•Will this rack work in any other Traeger models?
It will not fit in the Traeger PTG. But it will fit in any grill that can accommodate the specs. above.