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What is the Smoke Wing made out of?
The Smoke Wing is made of thick 4mm/6 gauge high quality stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance and longevity.

What grills will the Smoke Wing work with?

The Smoke Wing works with all Traeger full size barrel style grills including but not limited to: All first generation Elite, Pro & Century 22/34 , WiFire pro 575/780, Ironwood 650/885, Timberline 850/1300. All square chamber style Traegers such as the Elite/Pro Select, all Silverton versions (except the Silverton XL). * Not compatible with portable, nor latest versions of the Ironwood/Timberline series grills with the full color screen & Ash Keg collection system.
Compatible with similar size pellet grills from other manufacturers such as Green Mountain, Recteq, Camp Chef, Gorilla Grills, Z Grills and more, but please check the operating dimensions of this product.

What are the dimensions of the Smoke Wing?

The Operating dimensions are Length 13.25 in. Width 11 in. Height from 4.75 - 7.625in.

Why can you mount the legs in either direction?
The Smoke Wing can be used in both round barrel type and square chamber pellet grills. As the bottom of the barrel type starts rounding upwards the height of the floor rises in correlation to the curve. By changing the direction that the Smoke Wing's legs face, the width between them can be widened or narrowed. This allows for varying heights to accommodate your grill's dimensions insuring proper clearance above the fire pot.

How high should the bottom of the baffle pan be above the fire pot?
The bottom of the pan should not be in physical contact with the fire pot. Best results are achieved with a minimum 0.5in clearance and up, but it is recommended to set at a similar height to the original heat baffle your grill came with to start.

What happens if my Smoke Wing eventually warps?
Even the thickest metals may shift overtime when faced with consistent high heat. If you find that the Smoke Wing has flexed to a point that the lid doesn't fit well inside the pan, simply place the pan upside down onto a flat hard surface and beat the shit out of it with a heavy hammer until its shape is returned back to normal. This is easier then you think and very forgiving.