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"I bought mine from her. Best 30 bucks I ever spent on my traeger. Was gonna go buy a bigger one because needed more space...not anymore. Saved me 1000 bucks"
- Martin Chmelik

"The 2nd rack definitely improves my Traeger experience as it allows me to cook more food at one time. It makes me forget that I need a bigger Traeger grill! I LOVE this item!"
- John Crabtree

"I am proud to say that I was the very first person Barbie shipped a shelf to. I know a lot of thought and hard work went into the creation of the shelf to make sure the final product is a quality item that anyone will be proud to own. The attention to detail has produced a valuable accessory to the Traeger Junior that was sorely missing from Traeger's line up and is a much better product than was previously available by 3rd party providers. I am happy to be a "founding" customer. I don't believe you will find a better made shelf or a more reasonable price and a professional company to deal with. Thanks Barbie!"
- Preston Hatchell

"Barbie, I had the Junior stuffed to the funnels with wings and legs, using the Beantown recipe...forgot to take the picture but 2 dozen legs and 3 dozen party wings satisfied the group...couldn't have done it without the second rack...
- John Galvan

"Just received mine in the mail and can't wait to use it!! It was great working with you. Quick shipping too!!"
- Dana Rothwell Herin

" I love my shelf! You were great to do business with!"
- Alice Brunette

"I can attest to the quality of this rack. I love mine and Barbie is a great seller. Would buy another one in a heartbeat."
- Steve Blodgett

" I smoked 4 pizzas the first weekend after I got mine! All turned out AWESOME!!"
- Debbie Hamilton

"Fantastic for jerky"
- Alan Haycock